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Tyso Music is a joint partnership between Creative Director and Writer, Terry Anthony Smith, and Composer and Producer Nicola Hayden.  

Together they create inspiring songs and compelling stories to entertain, inspire faith and achievement, and promote charitable causes.  

If We Believe

Album cover Bobbie.jpg
Album cover Bobbie.jpg

If We Believe

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If We Believe

The finale - Bobbie affirms her faith and declares her belief in the eternal promise. Her story-arc is complete, her goal achieved.

If we believe, only believe - love lives forever, if we can believe. Consider the heavens, the wonder and the glory - the never-ending story, the everlasting stars. Is there a reason? An answer to all? How can we know unless we believe, only believe. Love lives forever if we can believe. Consider the heavens, the wonder, the glory - the never-ending story of faith, hope, love. Jesus you promised your kingdom will come if we believe in faith, hope and love. Faith, hope, love - this is our destiny. Live in the promise His Kingdom will come. Love lives forever - forever and ever. We'll live forever, if we can believe.


Bobbie sung by Anna Wilshire
Murry sung by Andrew Sutton
Lyrics Terry Anthony Smith
Composed and produced by Nicola Hayden
Violin and viola played by Elizabeth Lawrence
Cello played by Danielle Skerman
Mastered by Christopher Dion at Quantum Music Mastering

© 2016 Terry Anthony Smith and Nicola Hayden